Hamvention 2017

Went to the Dayton Hamvention last week.  First time.  Had a great time seeing all the latest products from nearly every company that has anything to do with amateur radio.  Saw some new high end rigs I really would like to have.  Also saw some nice SDR units I can probably justify buying 😉

Attended some very interesting forums on SDR.  Also sat in on some of the ARRL presentations.  In one of those the speaker hit on changes they are working on with the FCC for the entry level license.  They want to make the entry license more relevant in content to what may attract new hams to the hobby.  A concern that I heard was the aging of the current hobby.  Which got me thinking some on the topic.  Partly that led me to start this site.

I think the exciting technology coming along in things like Software Defined Radios opens up new aspects that should be of interest to new younger participants in the hobby.  Sure, building your own amateur radio for day to day use from a kit is not realistic for most any longer.   Still a sub area of the hobby.  But there are great new radios coming to market and many ways to integrate and tinker with software interfaces and tools.  Digital modes seemed to be an area of appeal for new hams according to one of the speakers.  But, frankly digital mode integration into the radios and computer software is a bit of a mess in my experience so far.  There is a great deal of improvement that could be made in integrating digital mode use into the products and software that would make them more appealing and fun to a new generation.

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