My Goal

I want to help advance the amateur radio hobby for the future.  This includes helping in acceptance and use of new technologies, training and certification of new "hams," and protection of the amateur radio spectrum for the future amateur use.

My Background

The Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) picture at the left was my first experience with "digital modes."  I am a retired Air Force officer and in my first job I was lucky enough to be the Air Force's manager for the data link testing and certification of this aircraft.

Spin forward some years, and I am just now getting into the hobby of amateur radio (in 2014) after years working on Air Force command and control computer systems, and large government computer systems in the computer industry.

As I became active in amateur radio, I became aware of the concerns for the future of the hobby by many.  This page is my small part of helping the amateur radio hobby evolve - and embrace - new technology.  In so doing we can keep the hobby fresh and fun for many years to come!

Next Steps...

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